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Conseil Équitable

Conseil Équitable is a multi-activity agency specialised in social transition, sustainable development and human rights. From consulting to training, from project management to communications, we do everything we can, with creativity, to bring tomorrow's world into existence.

Our activities

Consulting and Forecasting

We provide consultancy services to a wide range of organisations (associations, NGOs, businesses, cooperatives) and political figures.


We are at your service to develop advocacy campaigns, strategic, marketing and commercial studies, or to initiate a forecasting process.

Project management and development

We are helping a wide range of organisations to develop a new product, launch a new service or create a new project.


We put our experience and our network at your disposal. In each project, we take care to ensure sustainability and respect for human rights.

Art and Communication

We are using art to bring new projects and ideas to life. We put our writing skills, our vision and our creativity at your service.


You can discover our innovative photographic exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes", a LGBTQIA+ project in support of Human rights & eco-friendly.

Courses and Training

Sharing knowledge is part of our DNA. Raising awareness, training  educating all types of audience, whether students, volunteers or employees, is our passion.


Whether it's a tailor-made offer, a conference or a course, we make it fun, interactive & participative.

Our latest creation

Conseil Équitable is proud to celebrate 10 years of Marriage for All in France. To mark the occasion, we are pleased to invite you to discover our immersive virtual exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes / Memories of Struggles: the opening of Marriage and Adoption to same-sex couples".

Affiche Mémoire de Luttes-A4-English.webp

Rentrée 2023

Conseil Équitable révolutionne la transition sociale et écologique avec le lancement d'un catalogue de 50 solutions pratiques

Une ère de changement responsable et concret s’annonce avec le lancement par Conseil Équitable, agence spécialisée dans la transition sociale, écologique et la promotion des Droits Humains, d’un catalogue de 50 solutions pour accélérer la transition sociale et écologique et pour accentuer la promotion des Droits Humains.

Our commitments

Conseil Équitable is based on three pillars:

  1. Social transition, symbolised by our commitment to fair trade

  2. Ecological transition, embodied by our expertise in sustainable development and our ability to imagine other futures through foresight

  3. Respect for Human Rights, for example through our major commitment to LGBTQI+ rights


Social and Economic Transition

To kick-start the social and economic transition, we believe that fair trade, the social economy and social entrepreneurship can become guiding principles for any activity. 

Our expertise in these areas, and our network, will be assets in helping you get your transition off the ground.


Ecological Transition and Sustainable Development 

Because the ecological transition is inevitable, it is urgent to take immediate action at all levels. Whatever the project, there is bound to be a way of offsetting its impact.


We believe in the synergy effect and we are convinced that we can still imagine a sustainable future.


Human Rights

Constantly under threat, Human Rights are both universal standards to be protected and Minorities to be preserved. We are thinking in particular, for example, of LGBTQIA+ rights, gender equality and the preservation of endangered cultures. 


This shared ideal goes hand in hand with the social and ecological transition.

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"Mémoire de Luttes"

LGBTQIA Exhibition

Discover a unique audio-virtual project ! #MémoiredeLuttes #MarriageEquality

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