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About us

Working together to build a fair, sustainable and inclusive world

Conseil Équitable is a multi-activity agency specialised in social transition, sustainable development and Human Rights. From consulting to training, from project management to communications, we do everything we can, with creativity, to bring tomorrow's world into existence.

Our history

Founded by Didier Reynaud, Conseil Équitable was set up in Brussels in 2021. At the time, we were still in the middle of a lockdown. Faced with urgent social and climate issues, Conseil Équitable's mission is to respond in a variety of ways. That's why we feel it's essential to develop a range of activities, each with its own expertise. We have just celebrated our second anniversary and our ultimate aim is to create jobs. Our missions are diverse and are divided into four areas of activity. Consulting, research and forecasting. A more operational division: development/project management. A courses and training division to pass on our expertise, and finally an art and communication division so that we can express our full creative potential.

Fair trade actors in Brussels _ Présentation de Conseil Équitable

Fair trade actors in Brussels _ Présentation de Conseil Équitable

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Our agency offers 4 main areas of intervention to help you make the social and ecological transition and promote the Human Rights.

Consulting, Research and Forecasting

Art & 


Project Development

Courses & Training

We provide consultancy services to a wide range of organisations (associations, NGOs, businesses, cooperatives) and political figures.


We are at your service to develop advocacy campaigns, strategic, marketing and commercial studies, or to initiate a forward-looking approach.

Examples of missions:

Prospective study and production of a white paper for the Fédération Artisans du Monde, the aim of which was to imagine the network of shops in 2030.

Local fair trade in Belgium for Fairtrade Belgium - prospective and strategic study 

Public policies around the world - recommendations and analysis for Fairtrade International and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office

We use art to bring new projects and ideas to life. We put our pen, our eye and our creativity at your service.

Right now, you can discover our innovative photographic exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes", a project in the service of human rights and eco-responsibility.

Examples of missions:

Investigation into the taboo of homosexuality in Football

(CFPJ Paris) - 2019

Photographic exhibition "Another look at fair trade" - exhibited in Bristol (UK), Brussels (BEL), Paris, Strasbourg, Reims etc. Since 2012

Audio-virtual photographic exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes" dedicated to the tenth anniversary of Marriage for All - 2023

We help a wide range of organisations to develop a new product, launch a new service or create a new project. 

We put our experience and our network at your disposal.


In each project, we ensure that sustainability and Human Rights are respected.

Examples of missions:

Seeking funding for the development of "The Journal of Fair Trade" - 2022

Creation and development of Rhum oui à l'égalité, the only product campaigning for marriage for all in 2013 - in collaboration with Ethiquable and the artist Dugudus

Management of the Erasmus+ EU WISE for young citizens consumers project - for the Fair Trade Advocacy Office in partnership with 4 European NGOs.

Sharing knowledge is in our DNA. Training and raising awareness to all types of audience, whether students, volunteers or employees, is our passion.


Whether it's a tailor-made offer, a conference or a course, we make it fun, interactive and of course participative.

Examples of missions:

Co-creation of the Young Fair Trade Advocates training programme for 140 young people in the EU. 


Numerous presentations in Universities and Business Schools, ISG Lille, ESG Act, Troyes Business School, Clermont Ferrand University and Celsa La Sorbonne - Paris.

Speaker WFTO 16th Summit - Berlin 2022 and Fair Trade Towns International Conference (2021)

Didier Reynaud
founder f Conseil Équitable

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