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Welcome to our press review

Barely a month into its run, the exhibition is already attracting a great deal of attention, even beyond France's borders. 

Below, you'll find our first radio broadcasts, initial articles and the many supporters from the world of associations, culture and even politics!

Radio Passages

Découvrez nos premiers passages radios ! Un grand merci à eux ! 

The exhibition is on the DILCRAH resources page

A real recognition for the exhibition! We are now considered a useful tool in the fight against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. Thank you to the DILCRAH, which carries out a huge amount of work on a daily basis to raise awareness and combat all forms of discrimination.

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Mémoire de Luttes will be displayed in Nancy in June.

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Thanks for this honor to all the Mathieu Klein, Mayor's Team members. 

Written press, newsletters, blogs

Find out about the first encouraging articles, the newsletters and the exhibition's inclusion in prides programmes. Click on the images to find out more!

Are you an LGBT journalist or media outlet, a cultural media outlet, or a media outlet dealing with LGBTQIA+ issues? 

Don't wait any longer to relay the exhibition and show your support for a unique project that is free, raises awareness and fights against isolation and LGBTQIphobia.

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The Mémoire de Luttes exhibition is included in the official programme of the Montpellier Pride.

Programme de la Pride 2023 à Montpellier

A huge thank you for this honour. We're proud to be on the official programme of one of the biggest Pride events in France!

It will be on display at the Fierté Montpellier office during the opening hours.

Online agenda's

Would you like to help us promote the exhibition? You can place an advert in the cultural agendas you know.  The exhibition is currently listed in several major agendas.

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Le guide de vos sorties. Trouvez dans l'Agenda les sorties, concerts, spectacles, expos, salons, marchés, festivals...

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Eventbrite est un site Web de gestion d'événements et de billetterie.

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Spectable est un espace de rencontres, d'échanges et de découvertes. Il est chaque jour enrichi par les annonces des acteurs culturels de votre région

Download press releases

Next press release: September/October

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You can also download them directly.

They support us

A simple retweet, a tweet, a post, a publication or a story are all ways of supporting the exhibition, but that's not all.
At a time when the latest report from SOS Homophobie points out that LGBTQIphobic acts increased again in 2022, we are convinced that every awareness-raising initiative helps to tip the balance and show that in the face of hatred, we have not given up.

Here are a few good reasons to share the exhibition:

  • 1-It's free and accessible 24 hours a day from a computer, phone or tablet.

  • You become a relay for a positive initiative that we believe can do a lot of good for some people, particularly those who are isolated or in the throes of self-doubt. You'll be helping people to learn more about LGBT issues and enabling families to become allies. 

  • The exhibition is not just poetic, it is militant and committed. It bears witness to our shared history and is a unique initiative to date.

  • The DILCRAH and Louis-Georges Tin, founder of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, felt that this exhibition could be useful. 

  • By sharing the exhibition, you are helping to highlight a structure and a project that is fighting for a social and ecological transition in society and which, in fact, defends respect for Human Rights. It's a way of encouraging us.

  • You'll also be giving the exhibition's "smaller" partners unique media coverage and exposure on social networks.