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They support the exhibition

Many thanks to our partners!

We would like to make it clear that all of these partnerships are undertaken without any financial consideration and that the aim is to show support for the exhibition, particularly in terms of communication. The aim of this exhibition is to decentralise culture and make it accessible to as many people as possible! Come and join us!

Would you also like to join the adventure? Fill in the application form at the bottom of this page or write to us at

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Why become a partner?


  • You'll be taking part in a unique and original project!

  • Raising awareness in a positive way helps to combat preconceived ideas.

  • This partnership can give rise to new ideas and new encounters.

  • You'll be helping to make the exhibition more visible, and therefore helping to fund our partner Mémoires Minoritaires' charity project.

  • The more visitors we receive, the more we will be able to offset the cost of the event.

  • You will be visible to a wide and international audience.

  • Your logo and the description of your organisation will appear in the virtual gallery of the exhibition and on this page.

  • Where possible, we will try to include your logo in the next version of the press release and poster.

  • We will specifically mention your organisation at least twice between now and the end of 2023.

  • You are helping to pass on our memories.

  • You'll be showing that culture should be free and accessible!

  • You can use the exhibition to raise awareness among your volunteers, students and employees.

  • And there's no financial compensation.

How to become a partner ?

Possibles actions

Choice of action(s) on a voluntary basis

  • Post a link to the exhibition on your social networks.

  • Write an article, column or review.

  • Mention the exhibition in your newsletter.

  • Produce an interview, podcast, radio programme or video.

  • Send the exhibition to your members, subscribers and employees.

  • Print the official poster and display it on your premises, distribute it to your contacts, ask your favourite bar/restaurant to display it, in libraries and other public places.

  • Put us in touch with committed public figures.

  • Organise an event around the exhibition (showing the exhibition via a video projector, conference, etc.).

  • Suggest new testimonials, new ideas for the exhibition, etc.

  • You can contribute to the translation or duplication of the exhibition.

Our partner


homo micro logo.png
homo micro slogan.png

Homomicro, an LGBTQI+ news and culture programme that has been taking the word for it since 2004. Presented by Brahim Naït-Balk and his columnists, every Monday from 8.30pm to 9.30pm live on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (106.3 F.M. Paris) and also broadcast on podcast platforms.

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France Télévisions pour tou.t.e.s

logo mire ftvpride blanc v2-dda9ac293c41456092e73e4d1b4e0433.png

The LGBT+ et Allié.e.s de France Télévisions association co-founded by : Daniel Ielli, Christophe Gascard, Frédérique-Marie Lamouret and Jean-Baptiste Marteau.

LGBT+ or straight, employee or casual, friend of FTV: to guarantee inclusion and diversity in the company and on all its channels.

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Komitid is a news website dedicated to issues affecting LGBT+ people. Komitid was born out of a desire to take a different approach to these subjects, which are always serious, often entertaining and resolutely unexpected, using original angles and formats. Komitid also wants to embody, show and listen to people who are making a difference through their words, their actions and their lives.

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Rouge Direct

Logo - Rouge Direct - Réseaux Sociaux.jpeg

Founded in 2016, the Collectif Rouge Direct brings together a group of whistleblowers committed to combating homophobia in football. Trivialised and never sanctioned by football authorities and clubs, homophobia continues to rot the most popular sport in France and around the world, impacting society as a whole. Rouge Direct shows and gives voice to the manifestations of homophobia in professional and amateur football: banners, chants, insults. It publicly and uncompromisingly calls on institutional and sporting leaders to take action to prevent and punish homophobia.

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Fiertés Montpellier Pride

Fierté Montpellier Pride.png

Fierté Montpellier Pride was founded in 1995 following the first Montpellier March. Over the years, the association has evolved into a Maison des LGBTQI+, with 5 centres: convivial, trans, Culture Pride, asylum and health.  Now in its 30th year, Fierté Montpellier Pride is one of the oldest Pride organisers in France.


It will welcome you for its 30th edition on 17 June 2023!

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Le Tango Paris


Le Tango has reopened its doors after a three-year closure. Rebuilt as a cooperative after the building was bought by the Mairie de Paris, the nightclub has undergone an elegant facelift that will delight its regulars. The team has been renewed, but is still under the direction of Hervé Latapie, who is making sure that the club retains its unique atmosphere, with a mix of genres and audiences, all music except techno, and an LGBT+ commitment.


Address, 11 rue au Marie, Paris 75003

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Mémoires Minoritaires 


Cultural association working to transmit LGBTQI+ memories. Mémoires minoritaires runs the Centre de mémoire et d'archives de la Métropole de Lyon, where it collects LGBTQI+ archives and documentation and makes them available to everyone.

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Big Tata


LGBTQI+ inter-associative network led by Mémoires minoritaires. Big Tata brings together initiatives dedicated to French-speaking LGBTQI+ archives and memories. On the platform, the network puts online a collective catalogue of the various LGBTQI+ archive collections.

10% of the profits from the exhibition will be donated to fund this project

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logo png.png

Plant-C is a partner of the exhibition, and we'll be working together to devise a formula for offsetting some of the exhibition's emissions locally! Faced with the decline in biodiversity and climate change caused by mankind and its consumerism, we urgently need to rethink our relationship with living things, here and now. We can't solve the challenges of the 21st century on our own, but we want to do our utmost and take action where we can. PlantC's mission is to support biodiversity, to adapt our territories against climate change while mitigating its effects, in a partnership approach that puts people at the centre.

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Dream Act


Dream Act is the place for responsible consumption! Here you'll find hundreds of local and committed brands and artisans, carefully selected by Dream Act. 0-waste items, textiles, homeware, toys... there's a responsible version of everything you need for your personal and professional purchases. Dream Act and Conseil Équitable are working together to offer ecologically responsible products derived from the Mémoire de Luttes exhibition!

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Fiertés Landes

Association loi 1901 de prévention, de soutien et d'actions LGBTQI+ dans les Landes

Member of InterLGBT

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L'Heure ou l'Arc en Ciel se lève


An inclusive weekly space, open discussions, guests at the heart of current events and debates, an hour dedicated to current events and issues affecting people from diverse sexual orientation and gender communities.


L'heure où l'arc-en-ciel se lève, Canada's first French-language radio programme dedicated to LGBTQIA + diversity.

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Évènement exceptionnel

Ville de Nancy

2017 Transparent vdn noir.png

Afin de célébrer les 10 ans du premier mariage pour tous à Nancy, La ville de Nancy organisera des diffusions de l'exposition dans le hall de l'Hôtel de Ville ainsi que dans la grande salle des pas Perdus (salle de mariage). Du 22 au 29 Juin.


equinoxe centre lgbti nancy-266d1a52c49e4989863cbfe6a76485fa.png

Equinoxe est le centre LGBTI+ de Lorraine-sud, installé 5, place Carnot à Nancy. Créée en 2008 et comptant plus de 200 adhérent-es, l’association s’organise autour de plusieurs pôles d’intervention dont : le pôle social , le pôle éducation et culture et le pôle militantisme.Equinoxe se positionne en tant que force militante et politique au travers d’actions revendicatives telles que la Marche des Fiertés. 

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