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Carbon offsetting

In order to minimise our impact and set an example, we call on Plant-C to offset part of our activities. Far from being a scientific calculation, we have decided to plant as many trees each year as we have customers. Our choice: to offset as close as possible to where we live, hence this partnership in Belgium!

So, with each new customer, we call on Plant-C to offset our activities, at least symbolically, but above all to set an example. If we can do this on our own scale, just imagine what it would be like if the biggest companies got serious?


So, for 2021, we have been able to contribute to a project that you can find below.


Compensation for 2022 is under consideration. 

Finally, for 2023, we have also asked Plant-C to help us devise a system to offset some of the emissions linked to our virtual exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes". 


In addition, we are systematically proposing to all our customers that they incorporate carbon offsetting into their activities, a reflex that is good for the Planet and its inhabitants.

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Faced with the current decline in biodiversity and climate change caused by mankind's consumerism, we urgently need to rethink our relationship with living things, here and now. We can't solve the challenges of the 21st century on our own, but we want to do our utmost and take action where we can. PlantC's mission is to support biodiversity and adapt our territories to climate change, while mitigating its effects, through a partnership approach that puts people at the centre.


In 2023, Plant-C is also a partner of the Mémoire de Luttes exhibition, and we will be working together to devise a formula for offsetting some of the emissions associated with the exhibition locally!

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Above is a photo of the diversification reforestation project, in which 8 species have been planted over just under a hectare. It is located at Gédinne in the Belgian Ardennes.

The project was supported by Cambier Avocats, GCS, DS Wallonie, Xerox, Adra Belgium, Crocus Marketing and us. Many thanks to Plant-C for their expert advice.

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