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Welcome and enjoy your visit to the new, free photo exhibition dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ memory.

"Mémoire de Luttes: opening up marriage and adoption to same-sex couples"

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"Mémoire de luttes: l'ouverture du mariage et de l'adoption aux personnes de même sexe" is a free audio-visual photographic exhibition by Didier Reynaud, photographer and founder of Conseil Équitable. 

This unique exhibition retraces the months leading up to the vote on the French Marriage for All Act in April 2013. This law in favour of LGBTQIA+ equality has left its mark on our minds and symbolises a major step forward. However, it should not obscure the fact that since then, homophobia, transphobia and biphobia have continued to grow dramatically.


The exhibition consists of around thirty photos, each with a description and anecdotes. You can also listen to audio commentaries to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this very special year.

The commentaries are at once poetic, militant and historical. You'll also find extracts from speeches and testimonials from people who lived through that year. All set against a backdrop of carefully chosen classical music.

You'll have the chance to listen to the stories of our guests. Erwann Binet, then rapporteur for the law opening marriage and adoption to same-sex couples in 2013. Olivier Faure, current First Secretary of the French Socialist Party and then a young Member of Parliament; Louis-Georges Tin, founder of the World Day against LGBTQIphobia; Dugudus, an artist and activist, and other witnesses to this struggle.

Quick access

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How to visit the exhibition?

On your computer

  • There are several options available to you by clicking on the links below.

  • Firstly, you can view the exhibition via the gallery integrated into the site, although navigation may be complicated.

  • Alternatively, you can view the exhibition directly via the online gallery hosted by Artsteps. In both cases, use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

On mobiles and tablets

  • You can view the exhibition by going directly to the online gallery hosted by Artsteps.

  • For a smoother, more optimal experience, we strongly recommend downloading the Artsteps application, available from Google Play and the Apple Store. You won't regret it!

  • It is also possible to view the exhibition in Virtual Reality. To do this, get your 3D / VR glasses and select the option in the application.


Please note that there are no queues here like in a museum. 

However, the exhibition may take a little time to load, so please be patient and let yourself be carried away by an immersive, original and free experience!


Integrated exhibition gallery
"Mémoire de Luttes : l'ouverture du mariage et de l'adoption aux couples de même sexe"

Please note that depending on your browser, the visit will be less fluid. If you have a pop-up blocker, the gallery will not be displayed. To view the exhibition, Artsteps asks you to accept or refuse their cookies.

Aims of the exhibition

The exhibition has four main objectives:

  1. To pass on our memory through an innovative and free format.

  2. To make culture accessible to as many people as possible and to decentralise it.

  3. To combat homophobia, transphobia and biphobia in a poetic and committed way.

  4. Setting an example: as with all its projects, the Conseil Équitable agency strives to set an example. As far as possible, the exhibition has been built in an eco-responsible way. A carbon offset programme is being set up and the exhibition's souvenirs are eco-responsible. We are also working on a podcast project to include everyone.


Finally, you can support the exhibition in a number of ways:

  • Share the exhibition and tell others about it! See our toolbox at the bottom of the page!

  • Contribute to our online kitty, or buy eco-responsible souvenirs of the exhibition or give them as gifts, unless you'd prefer a signed and authenticated photo. These are unique, limited-edition, historic gifts.

  • You can also print the official poster and distribute it in your favourite bars and restaurants, at your town hall or in other cultural venues to make culture accessible and contribute to the success of this project. 

  • You can also sign the guest book by clicking on our Contact page.


The exhibition is being produced with the support of 9 committed partners from the LGBTQIA+ world, as well as from the ecological world, which you can find out more about on the page dedicated to them. You can become a partner in less than 5 minutes, just fill in the form on the dedicated page.


The voices of great witnesses

They have done us the honour of testifying, so a huge thank you to them. 

Check out their audio in the gallery! Other testimonials will follow.

Support us with an eco-friendly souvenir

Help preserve LGBTQIA+ memory

To celebrate 10 years of marriage for all, these eco-friendly limited editions will make perfect souvenirs! When you buy a souvenir or a photo, you are helping to fund the LGBTQIA Memory. 10% of the profits will go to the Mémoires Minoritaires association and the Big Tata project. The rest of the profits will be used to cover the costs of putting on the exhibition and to finance our agency's activities.

More than just a photograph

This qualitative wooden postcard is made in France by AFLPH, an association for the training and integration of disabled people based in Lozère. The card is 10 x 15 cm and measures 1.2 mm. It is resistant and pleasant to the touch. The wood is fine-grained, so you can write on the back (or front) with a fine felt-tip pen to leave a lasting impression! It can also be signed if you wish. This maple card can be given as a gift to your nearest and dearest, or to yourself as a lasting and original souvenir of this unique moment in history!  


Currently in production, to reserve one or more copies you can order online or write to us.

Additional delivery and hand delivery are also possible.

Discounts are available for large orders, in which case please contact us first by email.

Secure online payment or bank transfer.

A moment in history to be proud of

This maple wood key ring is made in France in a workshop using UV printing (photo) and measures 4cm by 4cm by 3mm thick. Lightweight and high-quality, it's hard-wearing and comes with a classic clip. With this unique product, your keys will clearly show their pride!


It's produced in a limited edition. Copies are going fast, so don't forget to reserve yours.

Additional delivery and hand delivery also available.

Discounts are available for large orders, in which case please email us first.

Secure online payment or bank transfer.

Order a signed and numbered Fine Art Print

  • 10% of profits will be donated to the Mémoires Minoritaires Association

  • Dimensions: the print is 30 cm by 40 cm

  • High quality art paper

  • Framed 40 cm by 60 cm or 45 cm by 60 cm, black wooden frame (other colours on request).

  • Number of prints per photograph: 3 prints only, signed and numbered, certificate of authenticity issued.

  • Delivery extra, by registered post only, or hand-delivered.

  • Can't find the photo you were looking for in the gallery? Send us an email with the title of the photo for more information. 

Meet our partners, the personalities who support us

And become a partner too!

They have already joined us

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Latest comments in the Guestbook

Samuel P., Bruxelles

"Bravo, a great initiative and achievement".

Frédérique D. , Paris

"What an exhibition! Incredible to relive the atmosphere through these luminous photos. Well done for the staging and, above all, thank you."

Alexandra S., Colmar

"Bravo Didier, a very fine personal investment that resonates in the minds, hearts and lives of many people... Thank you for sharing!"

Stéphane L.B., Rennes

"What an exhibition! Incredible to relive the atmosphere through these luminous photos. Well done for the staging and, above all, thank you."

Pascale et Gabrielle S. Région Nantaise 

"Bravo, a great initiative and achievement".

Denis-Martin C., Montréal

"Bravo Didier, a very fine personal investment that resonates in the minds, hearts and lives of many people... Thank you for sharing!"

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Réalisé le 23/04/2024


Au lancement de l'exposition, nous avions pris l'engagement de compenser les émissions de CO2 liées à l'exposition en ligne. C'est désormais chose faite ! Découvrez-comment !

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