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Conseil Équitable offers a range of services to facilitate social and ecological transition and to promote human rights.

Find out now what we can do to make a difference and build a fair and sustainable future together.

4 areas of activity, a wide range of expertise

A single ambition: the success of your organisation

Three principles: fairness, sustainability and humanism


Consulting, Research and Forecasting

Advising organisations and policy-makers on how to shape the future in a participative and inclusive way.

We provide consultancy services to a wide range of organisations (associations, NGOs, businesses, cooperatives) and political figures, helping you to develop advocacy campaigns, strategic, marketing and commercial studies, and foresight initiatives.

Examples of missions :

  • Foresight study and production of a white paper for the Fédération Artisans du Monde, with the aim of imagining the network of Fair Trade shops in 2030.

  • Local Fair Trade in Belgium for Fairtrade Belgium - forward-looking and strategic study

  • Fair Trade Public policies around the world - recommendations and analysis for Fairtrade International and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office​

Our offer



Political consultancy and advocacy

- Political consultancy on issues of sustainable development, fair trade and human rights, particularly food sovereignty, ecology, minority rights, LBGT rights, etc.

- Writing reports and speeches

- Advocacy and campaigning.

- Events, networking

- Developing a range of responsible goodies


Conseil Commercial et Stratégique

- Commercial advice to develop your offering, rethink your markets and align them with the challenges of Transition.

- Strategic consultancy to find solutions to the issues that are holding you back, particularly financing.

- Organisational consultancy, to effectively rethink your structure and adapt it to the major challenges of our time.

- Entrepreneurial advice to adapt your new project to a sustainable and inclusive world


Démarche Prospective

- An introduction to foresight to get you involved in a collective and participative approach

- Conducting foresight workshops and creating a foresight process from A to Z

- Management of the foresight process, development of recommendations, drafting of white papers

For whom?


Politics and Institutions


NGO's et Associations


Companies and Cooperatives

Experiences and references

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Fair Trade Advocacy Office.png
Fédération Artisans du Monde.png

Privileged Partner

We regularly call on Futuring Lab. This company, founded by the talented Stéphane Giron, can organise meetings and seminars for 5 to over 100 people in any location and requires no special infrastructure.


Find out about an exemple of intervention

Foresight approach

A forward-looking study commissioned by the Fédération Artisans du Monde, a network of almost 140 fair trade shops in France, founded by Abbé Pierre.

Focus on

Report: Public Policies in favour of Fair Trade in the World

Public interest report produced on behalf of Fairtrade International, leader in Fair Trade labelling, and for the Fair Trade Advocacy Office in Brussels. Completed in 2021.

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Project Development

Transforming your organisation into a successful laboratory

We help a wide range of organisations to develop a new product, launch a new service or create a new project, making our experience and network available to them.  In each project, we take care to ensure sustainability, respect for human rights and inclusion. Project after project, we keep our passion for innovation intact. After all, as Frank Lloyd Wright said, "My favourite project? It's the next one!"

Examples of missions :

  • Fundraising for "The Journal of Fair Trade" - 2022


  • Creation and development of Rhum oui à l'égalité, the only product campaigning for same-sex marriage in 2013 - in collaboration with Ethiquable and the artist Dugudus

  • Management of the Erasmus+ EU WISE for young citizens consumers project - for the Fair Trade Advocacy Office in partnership with 4 European NGOs.

Our offer

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Product/market development

With Conseil Équitable, you'll finally have the support you need to develop meaningful, high-potential products that are good for the planet and for people. 

With us, you can identify new products to create, rethink your ranges, imagine new services, review your sourcing and much more! Our little extra? The artistic dimension that we try to incorporate into every project. Our originality: to surprise you.


Project management

Let's develop your projects together, make them sustainable, imagine new marketing campaigns, test innovative offers, create a programme together and above all - let's make it viable, sustainable and fair. We can help you set up new offices, create your articles of association, network and manage your business, evaluate and manage projects and suggest improvements. 



It's the keystone of every project. It's where projects often fail. With our experience and creativity, you can count on us to help you come up with new solutions to make your structure self-sufficient and your project viable. We know how to look for public subsidies (EU, State, regional, etc.), we can put you in touch with foundations and work with you to devise crowdfunding campaigns, events or products designed to finance your ideas.

For whom?


Politics and Institutions


NGOs and Associations


Companies and Cooperatives

Experiences and références

Création des statuts de l'association

An exceptional product

Discover the only product campaigning for the same-sex marriage

The "Rhum oui à l'égalité" was the only product campaigning for same-sex marriage, and it was also organic and fair trade. Developed with the Ethiquable Cooperative, designed by Dugudus and in partnership with CAELIF (LGBT association), 500 copies of this limited edition rum were sold, and nearly 3,000 posters and 10,000 stickers were produced.

Opening of our online shop

Discover our eco-responsible souvenirs and art prints

As part of the Mémoire de Luttes exhibition, we created eco-friendly souvenirs of the exhibition to show that art can also take up ecological issues.

We've been working with Plant-C since our first year of existence to start offsetting our activities. Plant-C is also currently partnering our exhibition to find a way of offsetting the carbon locally. Finally, we plant a tree for every new customer. It's a symbolic gesture, of course, but it's an important one.


logo png.png

Partnering with us to offset our carbon footprint

Privileged partner

Dream Act is the place for responsible consumption! Here you'll find hundreds of local and committed brands and artisans, carefully selected by Dream Act. 0-waste items, textiles, homeware, toys... all your personal and professional purchases are available in a responsible version.


Members of the European Parliament? Discover our advantages on your eco-friendly goodies!

serie gay perou format 100 par 70 DSC_1060.webp

Art and Communication

Artistic creativity as a driving force for transition and the promotion of human rights.

We use art to bring new projects and ideas to life. We put our pen, our eye and our creativity at your service.


Right now, you can discover our innovative photographic exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes", a project in the service of human rights and eco-responsibility.

Examples of projects: 

  • Investigating the taboo of homosexuality in football - (CFPJ Paris) - 2019


  • Photographic exhibition "Another look at fair trade" - exhibited in Bristol (UK), Brussels (BEL), Paris, Strasbourg, Reims etc. Since 2012

  • Audio-virtual photographic exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes" dedicated to the tenth anniversary of same sex marriage in France - 2023

Our offer

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This artistic and journalistic service is a real passion for us. Don't hesitate to call on us to produce your photo reports, provide illustrations for your communication tools or take portraits of your team. If you've got an event to cover, we're here to help.


Journalism (written/audio)

Graduated in journalism at the Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes, (CFP Paris), in 2019, we put our pen and our voice at your service. We have written numerous articles on Ekitinfo and Minorité

 We write all kinds of documents, including academic ones, thanks to our doctoral training.

Do you have a press release, an article, an advertorial or even a survey to write? Conseil Équitable is here to help.


Communication and Events

For us, communication is a way of expressing our creativity to the full. We can help you think up your name, your logo, your identity or your brands. We can help you invent new products and communication campaigns. We've already run a number of innovative competitions, such as "Future Fair Trade", and co-created the Young Fair Trade Advocates programme.

 If you have an exhibition project, whether real or virtual, contact us to find out more about our solutions.

For whom?


NGO and associations


 Politics and institutions


Companies and Cooperatives


Artists and cultural players

Experiences and references

cfpj paris.png
homo micro logo.png
Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 18.04.41.webp
Focus on the exhibition "Mémoire de Luttes"

Discover our unique project celebrating 10 years of same sex marriage. A unique free audio-virtual exhibition.


Courses and Training

Train your students, volunteers, staff and the general public in the major issues of our time and those of tomorrow!

Transmitting our knowledge is part of our DNA. Training, raising awareness and educating all types of audience, whether students, volunteers or employees, is our passion.


Whether it's a tailor-made offer, a conference or a course, we make it fun, interactive and participative.

Examples of missions :

Co-creation of the Young Fair Trade Advocates training programme for 140 young people in the EU 


Numerous presentations in higher education, most recently at ISG Lille and ESG Act, but also at Troyes Business School, IAE Bayonne, Clermont Ferrand University and Celsa La Sorbonne - Paris.

Speaker WFTO 16th Summit - Berlin 2022 and Fair Trade Towns International Conference (2021)

Our offer



Courses and workshops

Education is undergoing rapid change. Chatgpt, new technologies and AI are already changing the way we understand the world.

Students have understood this. That's why our courses are far from being just theory, but are above all designed to be practical and to meet the expectations of young people.


Tailor-made programmes and training

By training your staff, volunteers and stakeholders in sustainable development, fair trade and human rights, you are setting an example and demonstrating that you take these challenges seriously. Our training courses are interactive and tailored to the audience. We encourage debate, leave plenty of room for discussion and create opportunities to meet others, so that the transition becomes tangible and exciting.



Parfois (souvent), les organisations sont confrontées à la problématique de notre siècle : le manque de temps. C'est pour y répondre que Conseil Équitable a conçu des conférences allant de 45 min à 2h permettant d'aborder les principales thématiques des enjeux d'aujourd'hui. À travers nos expériences et nos réflexions, nous pouvons vous permettre de sensibiliser rapidement vos é, vos salarié.s ou vos bénévoles. La transition passe aussi par un certain pragmatisme. 


Our areas of expertise are necessarily linked to what we know and love to do, which is to share our passion for sustainable development, fair trade and, more generally, the social and ecological transition. We can also shed light on human rights, particularly the rights of minorities and LGBTQIA+ people. We work with you on all our projects to ensure that they are tailored to your specific needs. We make it a point of honour to ensure that our courses are enjoyable, original and can be put into practice immediately. For example, creating a business plan, developing sustainable communications, writing a CV of the future, inventing the school of tomorrow, thinking about the company of the future, etc. 


We also offer your students and staff the chance to carry out group projects. Conseil Équitable can help you manage and organise these projects (organising a solidarity or fair trade breakfast, a round table, an internal market, etc.).

For whom?


Universities, colleges and training centres


NGO's and associations


Politics and Public Institutions


Companies and cooperatives

Experiences and references

esc troyes.jpg
em strasbourg.png
celsa sorbonne.jpg
ESG ACT.webp

Privileged partner

ESG Act trains future sustainable development managers. You will acquire not only the traditional business skills, but also the technical expertise, strength of conviction and understanding of the world that you need to grasp the challenges of corporate transformation.

ESG ACT.webp

Interview as part of the ESG ACT open doors days,
the business school dedicated to sustainable development

How can young people be trained in CSR? What qualities are needed to thrive in the field of sustainability? How can our imagination be the key to meeting today's challenges?

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