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Rainy Wedding, Happy Wedding

Rainy Wedding, Happy Wedding

VAT Included

This photograph is available for sale, framed, at a price of 240 euros (incl. VAT). Dimensions of the photo 30*40cm (may vary slightly) - sold with passe partout and 40/60cm or 45/60cm frame.

Tirage d'art / série limitée et numérotée à 3 exemplaires signés et livrés avec un certificat d’authenticité. Le prix n’inclut pas la livraison . Remise en main propre possible.

Scheduled for shipment before summer 2023 - Numbered ART PRINTING, limited to 3 signed copies
  • Frame colour and material

    The default colour is black, but if you specify when ordering, we can select another framing colour together.

    The photos are printed in France, and the Art Prints are of the highest quality to ensure that your photo retains all its intensity over the years.

  • Details of the dimensions of the photograph and the frame

    The size of the photograph may vary slightly. The frame will be 40*60 or 45*60 cm

    If you require a different size, please contact me to discuss the details.

    We believe that the most responsible way of producing frames is to use wood.

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